Special Prorate Agreement Vs Codeshare

When booking a flight, you may come across terms like “special prorate agreement” and “codeshare.” While they may sound like industry jargon, understanding the difference between the two can help you make an informed decision when it comes to your travel plans.

A special prorate agreement (SPA) is an agreement between two or more airlines to offer passengers a single fare for a trip that involves multiple carriers. This means that if you book a flight from Los Angeles to Paris, for example, the fare you pay may include flights with two or more airlines. These airlines have come to a special agreement to offer a combined fare, which can often be cheaper than booking each flight separately.

Codeshare, on the other hand, refers to an agreement between two airlines where one airline sells the tickets for a flight operated by another airline. In this case, the operating airline is often referred to as the “codeshare partner.” For example, if you book a flight with United Airlines from New York to Tokyo, but the flight is operated by ANA (All Nippon Airways), then ANA is the codeshare partner.

So, what`s the difference? While both SPA and codeshare allow passengers to book flights that involve multiple airlines, there are a few key distinctions.

Firstly, SPA is an agreement between multiple airlines to offer a combined fare. This means that you are typically booking a single ticket that includes all of the flights involved in your trip. With codeshare, on the other hand, you may be booking separate tickets for each leg of your journey. This can make things like baggage transfers and check-in processes more complicated.

Secondly, SPA often involves airlines that are members of the same alliance, such as Star Alliance or SkyTeam. This means that the airlines have a closer relationship and are often able to offer more seamless connections and perks for passengers. Codeshare, on the other hand, can involve airlines from different alliances or no alliances at all.

Finally, SPA is often used for flights to destinations where one of the airlines involved may not have a direct route. By combining their resources, the airlines are able to offer passengers more options for getting to their destination. Codeshare, on the other hand, is often used for flights where one airline may not have the capacity to offer enough seats for all the passengers who want to travel on a particular route.

In conclusion, both special prorate agreements and codeshare can offer benefits for travelers looking to book flights that involve multiple airlines. However, understanding the differences between the two can help you make the best decision for your travel needs. Whether you`re looking for a cheaper fare or a more seamless travel experience, taking the time to research and compare your options can help you make the most of your next journey.