Ahpra Enterprise Agreement 2017

The AHPRA Enterprise Agreement 2017: What You Need to Know

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) is responsible for the registration and accreditation of healthcare professionals throughout Australia. The agency recently approved a new Enterprise Agreement (EA) for its employees in 2017, which has been in effect since November 2017.

The AHPRA EA 2017 affects all employees of AHPRA, including those in the National Office, State and Territory Offices, and registry offices. The agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment, as well as wage increases and benefits.

One of the key changes in the new AHPRA EA is the wage increase for employees. The agreement provides for a 2.5% increase in wages each year of the agreement, which will be in effect until November 2019. This increase is in line with the Australian Government`s wage increase policy for public sector employees.

In addition to the wage increase, the AHPRA EA 2017 provides for a number of other benefits for employees. This includes increased parental leave entitlements, the ability to carry over annual leave, and a new domestic violence leave provision. The new domestic violence leave provision allows employees to take time off work if they are affected by domestic violence, without using their personal leave or other accrued leave.

The AHPRA EA 2017 also contains provisions for flexible working arrangements. This includes the ability for employees to work part-time or reduced hours, and the ability to work from home or other remote locations. The agreement also encourages the use of flexible work arrangements to help employees balance their work and life commitments.

For employees with disabilities, the AHPRA EA 2017 includes a disability employment strategy. This strategy aims to ensure that employees with disabilities are able to access the same opportunities and benefits as other employees, and that AHPRA remains a supportive and inclusive workplace.

Overall, the AHPRA EA 2017 provides a range of benefits and improvements for employees of AHPRA. With a focus on flexible working arrangements, increased wages, and support for employees with disabilities, the agreement aims to provide a supportive and positive workplace environment for all employees.